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Acquired Podcast Review



Acquired is an excellent business and technology-focused podcast that takes an intense dive into technology acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs. Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, it provides incredibly detailed analysis and commentary on some of the biggest deals in the tech industry. Because I like to pay attention to the business world, especially around the technology area, Acquired has become a must-listen for me amidst the ridiculously-sized podcast queue I have built in Overcast.

What truly distinguishes Acquired is the hosts’ unparalleled depth of knowledge and meticulous research that underpins each episode. Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal invest substantial time in understanding the companies, personalities, and market dynamics involved in these major transactions. They don’t just recap the headlines; they dissect the strategic rationale and ripple effects.

The podcast focuses on successful companies and deals, which makes sense given the subject matter. However, the hosts aren’t afraid to critique bad strategies or call out hubris when they see them. Their backgrounds in venture capital give them good instincts for separating hype from reality.

It’s worth noting that the episodes are quite lengthy, often exceeding two hours. This extended duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of the topic, offering a multi-faceted analysis. While the duration might seem daunting, the engaging content makes it a worthwhile investment for those truly interested in the subject matter.

While the analysis is robust, the hosts keep things entertaining with their back-and-forth banter and occasionally humorous personal asides. Their chemistry is just on the right side of engaging without getting annoying, as too many podcasts are guilty of, and their conversations have a decently natural flow. It’s clear that Ben and David are passionate about their subject matter.

In addition to the main episodes, they also produce shorter “LP Show” episodes that analyze breaking news and deals in a more concise format. These are great for staying up-to-date on the latest happenings without having to dedicate many hours to each dissected deal.

So, go boldly forth, my business-curious, entrepreneurs-in-the-making friends, and have faith in my assessment that the Acquired is a must-listen for anyone with a strong interest in the strategy behind major tech mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. The level of analysis is unmatched in quality in podcast land, and the insights are invaluable for understanding the dynamics behind these landscape-shifting events.

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