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Bad Friends Podcast Review

By September 18, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Bad Friends


Hosted by comedians Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino, the Bad Friends podcast has a relaxed atmosphere and is filled with entertaining and often expletive-filled banter between the two friends. Their chemistry together is probably what makes the podcast so successful, and it’s obvious that they genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

But be warned, there is definitely material in the podcast that could be considered crude or in bad taste. I suppose that depends on whether you think there are limits to comedy and whether certain topics can be made fun of or not. 

But for the most part, Bobby and Andrew are both incredibly funny, and their playful teasing of each other often has me in stitches. The show also includes amusing segments such as “Unhelpful Advice” and “Scissor Bros.”

I must also express my admiration for the exceptional skits and role-plays that are sprinkled throughout this podcast. The improvisational skills of Andrew and Bobby are truly impressive. Their ability to turn every situation into improv comedic gold makes for a very fun listen. 

Overall, the Bad Friends podcast is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy comedy and conversations that push the limits on what is acceptable in public or polite discourse. Bobby and Andrew have a way of making their listeners feel included in the conversation, and the show is perfect for passing the time during a long commute or workout. It’s absolutely worth checking out.

There are thousands of comedy podcasts available, but Bad Friends distinguishes itself from the crowd. This podcast has become a cultural sensation in its own unique way, and if you’re looking for a dose of sometimes crude humour, I encourage you to check out this show.

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