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Best Episodes of Acquired


For those who revel in the finer details behind monumental tech acquisitions, mergers, and IPOs, Acquired has emerged as the quintessential audio devotional. Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, this podcast has cultivated a fervent following among entrepreneurs, investors, and business strategy enthusiasts with its unmatched depth and analytical rigor.

While the full catalog is a trove of insights too valuable to ignore, certain installments soar above the rest in terms of captivating storylines and revelatory perspectives. For those seeking an entrée into this indispensable audio expedition or aiming to resurface its most gripping installments, here are the episodes deemed utterly essential listens by Acquired’s devotees.

Episode 14: LinkedIn

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In this episode, the hosts conduct a comprehensive examination of Microsoft’s blockbuster $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, dissecting the deal mere days after its announcement. They meticulously retrace the professional networking platform’s genesis, revisiting the founding narrative and visionary role of Reid Hoffman.

The Pinterest IPO

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In this episode the hosts conduct a revelatory deep dive into the annals behind Pinterest – the gargantuan yet curiously unique “non-social social network.” From its ideation amid the hallowed grounds of Silicon Valley to its unconventional genesis spawned by the blogosphere of Salt Lake City, the creation myth surrounding this “productivity tool for planning dreams” proved a stark departure from typical unicorn lore.

Episode 39: The Whole Foods Market

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The duo once again found themselves broadcasting live amidst seismic industry tremors, this time dissecting Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market – the most disruptive force to hit the grocery sector since…well, pre-sliced loaves. They contextualized the tectonic deal by unspooling the intricate, intertwined histories of the grocery trade, technological innovation and Amazon itself.

Charlie Munger

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This episode represented a seminal milestone for the hosts, as they were granted a rarefied audience with the legendary Charlie Munger for his first and only in-depth longform podcast interview in his near-centurion existence. While Acquired has facilitated many extraordinary dialogues over its tenure, this singular conversation elevated the proceedings to transcendent territory.


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While boasting the most bargain-basement pricing of any major American retailer, Costco had cultivated one of the nation’s wealthiest customer demographics. Paradoxically, the membership-only chain’s hourly workforce earned payrolls eclipsing industry norms by 30% alongside comprehensive healthcare and 401k offerings – yet it outpaced Walmart’s labor profitability by nearly threefold.

Nintendo: The Console Wars

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The 1980s witnessed Nintendo’s indisputable hegemony, with the Nintendo Entertainment System commandeering over 90% of the global home video game market share. However, this zenith proved remarkably ephemeral as the gaming titan experienced a precipitous plummet to a mere 10% stake across just a few subsequent console generations. The hosts chronicle the seismic unraveling of Nintendo’s once-unshakable dominance and the improbable journey that catalyzed their renaissance back to apex industry stature.

Nvidia Part 1: The GPU Company (1993-2006)

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This titan cuts an unmistakable figure, donning emblematic leather outerwear and possessing physical prowess that would humble most – he’s a paragon of strength who helms an enterprise crafting the vanguard of autonomous automotive technology. His is a narrative studded with innumerable brushes against the abyss, both corporate and existential, emerging perseveringly victorious each time. At the helm of the 8th most valuable corporation globally, he reigns not as the famous visionary Elon Musk, but the equally formidable Jensen Huang – the most uncompromising CEO to bestride the semiconductor industry.


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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is an enterprise that at the time of recording, had soared to become the 9th most precious corporate entity globally. This narrative encapsulates every hallmark of legendary greatness within the Acquired pantheon: intertwined plotlines spanning China, America, the hallowed halls of MIT, venture maverick Don Valentine, Silicon Valley’s insular culture, alpha male bravado upended, and metaphorical moats constructed via bleeding-edge photonics.

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No corporate entity has exerted a more tectonic influence over the internet and the very fabric of contemporary existence than Amazon. For seven years, the hosts had eagerly awaited the opportunity to deconstruct this mythical enterprise, a prospect that filled them with unrestrained enthusiasm. Their ambition was to conduct an exhaustive exploration leaving no facet of Amazon’s fabled legacy unexamined and unraveled.


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More than a decade after its pioneering inception, one of the quintessential startup phenoms of the modern era took its long-awaited plunge into the public markets – and what a seismic splash it created. However, beneath the feverish fanfare and accolades justifiably bestowed upon Airbnb’s innovative disruption, this freshly-minted publicly-traded company bore a starkly different visage from its formative iterations.

Epic Games

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The duo embark on an exhaustive journey behind the scenes of an “epic” narrative – that of an underdog game development studio hailing from the unassuming locale of Cary, North Carolina by way of Potomac, Maryland. This David among Goliaths spent over two decades charting an arduous bootstrapped ascent before quietly metamorphosing into an $18 billion juggernaut poised to redefine the next frontier of the internet epoch.

Berkshire Hathaway Part I

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One episode cannot possibly cover the full extent of Warren and Poor Charlie’s legacy, so this installment is Part I: Warren’s journey. How did a down-to-earth, middle-class boy from Omaha transform into the greatest capitalist of all time? And why, like Jordan, did he retire at the pinnacle of his career, not once but twice, only to reinvent himself and return even stronger?


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Microsoft. After nearly a decade of Acquired episodes, the time has come to dive into the history of the most valuable company ever established. This is the company that revolutionized computing by putting a computer on every desk and in every home. The company that created the software business model and dominated its competitors so completely that the United States government had to intervene, yet it remains the world’s most valuable company today.

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