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Best Episodes of Last Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left Review

Do you unreasonably enjoy tales of the eerie, the unsettling, and the downright bizarre, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the cult favorite, “Last Podcast on the Left.” This podcast, known for its interrogation of the macabre, blends horror, humor, and extensive research, delivering episodes that are as informative as they are entertaining.

Whether you’re new to the show or a long-time listener looking to revisit some of its best moments, this list of the top “Last Podcast on the Left” episodes will guide you through the series’ most memorable forays into true crime, paranormal activity, and all things spooky. 

Episode 397: Heaven’s Gate Part I

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Get ready for a wild ride back in time as this episode kicks off the very first deep dive into one of the nineties’ most infamous and enigmatic groups: Heaven’s Gate! In this episode, the boys peel back the layers on the early days of founders Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles and track the evolution of their out-of-this-world beliefs.

Episode 331: The Donner Party Part I – Salt of the Earth

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In this episode, the podcast journeys through the rugged American Frontier, where a mix of daring dreams and disastrous decisions led to one of history’s most harrowing sagas. From the grueling trek across the continent to the notorious detour through the Great Salt Desert, the hosts explore every misstep and misfortune that drove these pioneers to the brink—and beyond. Cannibalism, murder, and survival? Oh my!

Episode 254: Jack the Ripper Part I – Cockney Yoga

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Hold onto your hats, because this episode goes on a thrilling plunge into the foggy, gaslit streets of 1888 Whitechapel with the start of the Jack the Ripper saga! Diving headfirst into the grim and gritty world where this infamous mystery unfolds, this episode sketches out the sinister vibes of the notorious district and explores the first two of the eleven spine-chilling Whitechapel Murders, including a closer look at the first of the infamous Canonical Five.

Episode 306: Casey Anthony Part I – III Wishers

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Buckle up, true crime aficionados! This episode goes into the twists and turns of the Casey Anthony case in the first installment of a gripping two-part series. Get ready to navigate through the maze of deceit spun by the accused, the jaw-dropping 31 days that elapsed between her daughter’s disappearance and the explosive revelation of her falsehood, and all the drama that set the stage for what was dubbed the Trial of the Century of the Decade.

Episode 209: Ghost Cats of the South

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In this episode, the show ventures into the mysterious realm of ghost cats, with a special focus on those spectral felines prowling the Southern states. No seriously, this is one of the greatest episodes of Last Podcast on the Left.

Episode 165: Ed Kemper Part 1 – A Bit of a Bumblebutt

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Dive into the dark world of Ed Kemper, also known as The Co-ed Killer, in this thrilling installment of the Heavy Hitters series! Starting with his chilling childhood, locked away in a basement, to his first gruesome act—the icy murder of his grandparents. This episode traces the twisted path and cunning methods he perfected to claim the lives of six unsuspecting hitchhikers in the early seventies.

Episode 419: Jodi Arias Part I – WAP

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In the first of a thrilling two-part series, the spotlight turns to one of the most notorious murders of the century: the killing of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias. This episode explores the lives of both individuals, tracing the tumultuous relationship that spiraled into tragedy. From their initial encounters to the fateful and fatal conclusion, this gripping narrative unpacks the events and emotions that culminated in a crime that captivated the nation.

Episode 456: The Black Death Part I – Stomp a Gerbil, Bribe a Rat

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Get ready for a wild ride of a five-part series on one of humanity’s most devastating disasters—the Black Death, also known as the Great Mortality, or as they like to call it, the Big Death. In the first episode, the show dives into the filthy and fascinating conditions that brewed the worst pandemic in history. Spoiler alert: it involves a staggering amount of human excrement. Get ready to uncover how a perfect storm of grime, germs, and medieval mayhem led to a catastrophe of epic proportions!

Episode 560: The Alaska Triangle

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In this episode the crew ventures into “the last frontier” to explore and decode the enigmatic geographic phenomena known simply as – The Alaska Triangle. Vortices, time travel, cryptids… Oh my! Join them as they interrogate other dark secrets that might be lurking within “Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle,” where the unexplained and the extraordinary come together in chilling tales of mystery and intrigue.

Episode 409: Gef The Talking Mongoose

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In this episode, the spotlight turns to one of the UK’s most bizarre hauntings and visitations. Prepare for a tale as strange as it sounds, featuring the Irving family from the Isle of Man and their astonishingly chatty sidekick, Gef the Talking Mongoose. This peculiar story unfolds as the crew discusses the adventures and mysteries surrounding this talking creature. Join in for an episode packed with intrigue and the curious escapades of Gef, a mongoose like no other.

Episode 310: Rasputin Part I – Greg Drunk

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It’s a trip through world history as the saga of one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic figures unfolds: Grigori Rasputin! In this fascinating episode, the spotlight shines on the mystical Siberian peasant whose influence reached the heart of the Russian empire. Discover the early life and peculiar events that shaped this mysterious man, whose controversial actions helped bring down a dynasty.

Episode 288: Robert Pickton Part I – Pig Sense

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Here’s another episode in the Heavy Hitter series, this time spotlighting Robert “Willie” Pickton, dubbed Canada’s most prolific serial killer. Dive into the grim and gritty details of his life, starting from his pig-shit covered childhood, through his early ventures into the world of meat and butchery. The narrative takes an even stranger twist as it recounts his bizarre experiences in America involving cherry pies.

Episode 356: Joseph Kallinger Part I – The Shoemaker

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In this episode, the spotlight falls on the chilling saga of Joseph Kallinger, also known as The Shoemaker, whose severe schizophrenia drove him to become a serial killer. Explore the twisted mind of a man who believed he was on a divine mission, instructed by God to save humanity through orthopedics—a delusion that tragically led to three murders.

Episode 544: Hardcore Historians – An Interview with Dan Carlin

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Worlds collide in an epic podcast crossover event! For the first time ever, the team joins forces with none other than the podcast luminary and mastermind behind “Hardcore History,” the legendary Dan Carlin. Tune in as these titans of podcasting unite, bringing their unique styles and deep dives into history together for a monumental episode.

Episode 529: Mass Hysteria Through Time

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This episode investigates the bizarre and highly controversial phenomenon of Mass Hysteria as the team dissects some of the strangest cases throughout history! From dancing plagues to uncontrollable outbreaks of laughter leading to death, the episode promises a deep dive into these bewildering events. Tune in for a journey through time that’s bound to be mass hysterical!