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Best Episodes of Maintenance Phase

By November 6, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase is a popular podcast that explores the world of diet culture, wellness trends, and the multi-billion dollar industries that perpetuate harmful myths about body image and health. Hosted by Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon, the show has gained a loyal following for its insightful and entertaining deep dives into the history and science of popular diets, exercise fads, and celebrity health regimens.

Celery Juice

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Do you ever experience tiredness or health issues like viruses, cysts, or cancer? Are you wondering if there’s a natural remedy to improve your health? Well, according to some Instagram influencers, the solution might be as simple as consuming more liquefied vegetables! 

Weight Watchers

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In this episode, Mike and Aubrey cast their gaze on one of America’s most popular diet programs, Weight Watchers. So, get ready with your flex point calculators and food scales! Along the way, the hosts discuss interesting topics like The Rock, the mating habits of straight people, and even a new James Bond villain.

Body Mass Index

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You can find the BMI everywhere, but is it a truly scientific measure? While many people see the body mass index as a reliable indicator of health, its origins are more complex than that. In this episode, Mike and Aubrey begin a two-part series on the BMI and the “Obesity Epidemic,” exploring its history and implications. 


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Mike and Aubrey can’t stay away from this topic as the hype surrounding Ozempic, which has been touted as a solution to the “Obesity Epidemic,” continues unabated. The hosts take a critical look at the claims and examine the potential caveats that may undermine its effectiveness.

Moon Juice

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What is Gwyneth Paltrow sipping on, you ask? It’s none other than MOON JUICE! In this epsidoe, Michael and Aubrey engage with the world of adaptogens, Brain Dust, steamy ‘sex milk,’ and the health-focused enterprise that’s become all the rage in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to have your Quinton shots ready before tuning into our latest episode.


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Proctor & Gamble introduced an artificial fat substitute in 1996, which claimed to provide the same taste as natural fat without the added calories. However, there was a major issue.

Rachel Hollis Part 1: Hashtag Relatable

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Hey, it’s time to challenge the status quo.

The President’s Physical Fitness Test

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The shuttle run, the flexed arm hang, and the v-sit reach – these terms are etched in the memories of a whole generation of American school kids. However, did the President’s Physical Fitness Test really lead to an improvement in our fitness levels? Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

The Trouble With Calories

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Is it really just a matter of “calories in, calories out” when it comes to weight loss, or have we been sold a simplified version of a much deeper story? This episode explores the complex science behind this seemingly straightforward equation.

Jordan Peterson Part 1: The Carnivore Diet

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The story behind one of America’s most intriguing diet fads involves an unlikely trio: a bodybuilder from the ’50s, a roadie for the Grateful Dead, and a professor with unreadable handwriting. 

Oprah Winfrey & “John of God”

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Special guest Kimberly Springer discusses a faith healer who gained notoriety for his appearances on Oprah’s talk show. Unfortunately, this episode delves into sensitive and distressing subject matter, including detailed descriptions of sexual assault.

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