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Best Episodes of Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

By February 6, 2024February 13th, 2024No Comments
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Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain podcast or a newcomer looking to dive into the world of candid conversations and intriguing insights, here I’ll count down the best episodes that have left me laughing, pondering, and always wanting more. Prepare to be entertained, inspired, and enlightened as I curate the ultimate playlist of Emma Chamberlain’s finest moments behind the mic.


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Guess who just celebrated their 21st birthday? Emma. And as we all know, that signifies reaching the legal drinking age in the USA. It’s an interesting milestone, with its share of advantages and disadvantages. Navigating one’s relationship with alcohol, particularly in social contexts and concerning mental health, can be quite overwhelming. In this episode, Emma aims to impart some insights she wish she had known before embarking on her drinking journey. 

Health and wellness products, are they worth it?

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In a candid revelation, Emma admits to having a penchant for health and wellness products that often find themselves at the center of hype and attention. This revelation has remained somewhat concealed, for she harbors a reluctance to acknowledge it openly. She feels a touch of embarrassment for her insatiable curiosity, always eager to try the latest vitamins, hair masks, face rollers, and moisturizers. 

Alone but not lonely

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Emma views an extended period of solitude as a necessary and transformative phase in her life. It has afforded her a fresh outlook and the opportunity to engage in experiences she might have otherwise missed. She firmly believes that solitude does not equate to negativity. Furthermore, during this period, she stumbled upon a hobby that has captivated her interest, sparked by her deep fascination with a particular YouTube series.

Growing up as an only child

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The experience of growing up as an only child is a profoundly distinctive journey that encompasses a spectrum of both advantageous and challenging aspects, shaping one’s life and interpersonal connections in distinct ways. From cultivating a strong sense of independence and a proclivity for solitude, to finding greater resonance with adults than peers of the same age, grappling with the nuances of sharing, and much more. In this narrative, Emma dives into her own upbringing as an only child, highlighting the disparities between her experience and that of individuals with siblings. 

Exposing myself

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Embarrassing moments are an inevitable part of life, and Emma has had her fair share of them. In this candid discussion, she fearlessly opens up about her most cringe-worthy experiences, ranging from awkward kiss encounters to the curious discoveries made by her cleaning lady beneath her bed. Furthermore, she doesn’t shy away from recounting the intriguing scenarios that have unfolded during her moments in bed with someone else.


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Exploring the intricacies of human connections, Emma has been dedicating recent moments to introspection, specifically diving into the dynamics of strong friendships. In this episode, she will elucidate the six essential criteria she believes should constitute a solid friendship. By sharing these insights, her intention is to provide her audience with a framework for assessing and potentially reevaluating their own relationships.

Put your phone down

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Emma has been enjoying a break from her phone, and the effects have been positively astounding for her overall well-being, especially in managing her anxiety. In this episode, she shares her journey and discusses how this break might also benefit others. 

Rock bottom

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During Emma’s YouTube hiatus, she experienced a significant creative slump and an overall lack of inspiration. In this episode, Emma dives deep into the introspective journey that led her to this point, shedding light on the factors contributing to her creative stagnation and the emotional toll it took. She engages in meaningful discussions about rediscovering inspiration, nurturing self-worth, and why reaching rock bottom doesn’t signify the end of one’s journey.