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Best Episodes Of

Best Episodes of Scared to Death

By October 17, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Scared to Death

If you’re a fan of horror, true crime, and all things spooky, then you’re probably already familiar with the Scared to Death podcast. Hosted by comedian Dan Cummins and his wife Lynze, the show examines the world of all things paranormal and macabre. 

With over 370 episodes under their belt, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best episodes of Scared to Death to help you get started.

She Likes You

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Four terrifying stories await you in this collection. Learn the chilling origin of Wolfsegg Castle in Bavaria, shudder at the Japanese urban legend of The Eight-Foot Tall Woman, and brace yourself for two spine-tingling tales submitted by listeners just like you.


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A story about a family and their friends who were tormented by an unknown entity through the phone. Another spine-chilling tale is about a Pittsburgh family that experienced over two decades of poltergeist activity.

Six Tapes

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Lost footage, sleeping with the dead, and Dopplegänger.

The Devil’s Clock

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Curse of the Devil’s Clock, mass UFO sighting, the bunny, and Haunted House of Frogs. 

The Amherst Mystery

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There are two spooky stories about poltergeists that you may find interesting. The second one is known as the Amherst Mystery, which is considered one of the most extensively documented paranormal accounts in Canada.

Winchester Mystery House

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Two tales of horror. Brazil’s Jaboticabal poltergeist and the haunted Winchester Mystery House of San Jose, California. 

The Howling Village

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First, Dan shares the story of the Howling Village in Japan. Then, the legend of the cursed Basano vase is explored. Lynze shares two stories – one about an Ouija board and another about a haunted basement. Let’s find out if the 6th sense can be inherited.

Reaching Out

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The first story discusses years of continual poltergeist activity that were witnessed in the now demolished Langenhoe Chapel. It was an old English church with a very bloody history. The second story is about Zozo, a demon that has allegedly been contacted by many. This demon is strongly associated with using an Ouija board.

Evil Shadows

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The first story features one of the most peculiar cases of UFO-related disappearance encountered so far. It revolves around Granger Taylor, a Canadian man who had a strong belief in extraterrestrial life. In 1980, he vanished without a trace. The second tale is inspired by the real-life events that formed the basis for the 2017 Spanish horror movie, “Veronica.” This story follows a young Spanish girl who, after attempting to communicate with her deceased father using an Ouija board, finds herself at the mercy of a malevolent and powerful spirit that terrorizes her and her family.

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