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Best Podcasts for Dads

Best Podcast for Dads

Finding the perfect podcast tailored for dads can be like striking gold. Whether you’re a new dad navigating the sleepless nights, a seasoned pro looking to share laughs and advice, or somewhere in between, there’s a great dad podcast out there just for you. I’ve put together a list of the top podcasts for dads, blending humor, wisdom, and camaraderie to support and entertain you through every stage of fatherhood.

How Other Dads Dad

How Other Dads Dad

Listen to How Other Dads Dad

Hamish Blake kicks back with fellow dads he admires to swap hilarious parenting stories and uncover their top-secret dadding strategies. With each episode, Hamish aims to glean some golden nuggets of dad wisdom, swipe a few pro tips, and help us all level up our dad game just a bit. So, buckle up for a fun ride filled with laughs, lessons, and a whole lot of dad bonding.

The DadLands

The DadLands

Listen to The DadLands

Although now a defunct podcast, The DadLands show features actor, comedian, and all-around dad Jamie Kaler who hosts a star-studded lineup of guests who share their funniest and most outrageous parenting stories. From the lessons learned in the trenches of child-rearing to the moments when they just need to vent about balancing life, work, and kids, these celebrity guests spill all. 

The Daily Dad

The Daily Dad

Listen to The Daily Dad

Narrated by Ryan Holiday, this podcast delivers a dose of dad wisdom, strength, and humor right to your ears. Each reading is packed with insights from historical legends and modern-day dads, offering you the tools to ace your most important job. Tune in daily to get inspired, laugh, and learn how to become the best dad you can be, all while enjoying some entertaining and uplifting fatherly advice.



Listen to Paternal

Paternal is all about the brotherhood of fatherhood. Created and hosted by veteran journalist Nick Firchau, this show features candid and insightful chats with men who are redefining what it means to be a dad. Tune in as diverse guests—a world-famous soccer star in San Diego, an Oglala Sioux elder in South Dakota, a New York Knicks barber in Queens, a pioneering rock DJ in Seattle, and more—share the models of manhood passed down to them and how they’re blazing new trails in fatherhood. 

Top Dad

Top Dad

Listen to Top Dad

Two Midwestern dads bring you a podcast packed with dad jokes, relatable stories, and a light-hearted take on modern parenting. Each week, they share their hilarious attempts to navigate fatherhood while clinging to the last shreds of their sanity. Tune in for a hearty laugh, some real talk about dad life, and the perfect dose of weekly entertainment.

Dumb Dad Podcast

Dumb Dad Podcast

Listen to Dumb Dad Podcast

Comedians Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger are here to prove that dad life is all about having fun while tackling the chaos. They’re on a mission to crush the “Dumb Dad” stereotype by parenting harder, not dumber. Join them as they share hilarious stories and clever tips, showing that being a dad is the best kind of adventure.

The Dad Edge Podcast

Listen to The Dad Edge Podcast

The Dad Edge Podcast is more than a show—it’s a movement! Hosted by Larry Hagner, it’s a tight-knit community of dads sharing values and tackling fatherhood’s toughest challenges together. Larry breaks down common dad dilemmas with ease, offering tips to help you become the best, strongest, and happiest version of yourself.

The Modern Dads Podcast

Listen to The Modern Dads Podcast

Modern Dads is all about sharing the real stories of today’s fathers—those who are deeply involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. From making decisions to enduring the drudgery, pain, and joy of parenting, these dads are hands-on and fully engaged. Each episode explores the challenges modern dads face as they juggle work, parenthood, relationships, and play. 

Dear Old Dads

Listen to Dear Old Dads

Dear Old Dads is a podcast that hilariously dissects everything dad-related. From parenting and patriarchy to grilling and “manning up,” these hosts discuss what it really means to be a dad today. What does it mean to be a good man? What should it mean?

Business Dad

Listen to Business Dad

Business Dad is the podcast where Alexis Ohanian (Reddit Co-founder) dives into the lives of the most successful men in tech, sports, entertainment, media, and beyond. With a blend of humor and curiosity, Alexis asks these high-fliers the ultimate question: “How do you balance being a dad with a thriving career?”

Dads With Daughters

Listen to Dads With Daughters

Dads with Daughters is all about building an epic online community for dads who want to rock fatherhood. This podcast shares top-notch tips and tricks to help dads get to know themselves and their daughters better. It’s all about boosting dad confidence and encouraging hands-on parenting to raise strong, independent young women. 

Do you know of another podcast for Dads that you think should be on this list? Let me know.

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