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Find That Pod # 1

Shit You Should Listen To

Welcome to the first edition of Find That Pod, a newsletter designed with one simple purpose. To solve the problem of Podcast discovery. Each week we’ll bring you 5 new podcasts we hope you give a listen to and ultimately love. As always, thanks for subscribing.

Astonishing Legends

It’s like the X-Files of podcasts, but so much better. Astonishing Legends examines all kinds of historical mysteries and legends with both a skeptical but open set of minds. Hosted by Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess, Astonishing Legends is a weekly dive into the world of the unexplained. My favourite series include their look at The Mothman and the infamous Dyatlove pass. Check it out here.


RelayFM is filled with outstanding podcasts dedicated to technology and Apple coverage. One of the absolute standouts, however, is Connected. A weekly panel show with a heavy emphasis on discussing the latest events and products in Apple’s technology sphere. A bonus is that all three hosts have distinctly awesome accents.  Check it out here.

Where Should We Begin?

Married? In a relationship? Ever had any problems with your significant other? Sure you have. Otherwise, you’re lying to yourself. This incredibly candid podcast features Esther Perrel talking to real couples and trying to diagnose and help with the problems they are experiencing in their relationship. Incredibly raw and powerful.  Check it out here.

Flash Forward

Every week, host Rose Eveleth brings you a possible new future in which she examines possible and not so possible future scenarios. What makes this podcast truly special is that it mixes speculation with interviews of present-day experts discussing the possible future being presented in any given episode. Check it out here.

Unruffled – Respectful Parenting

Toddlers and babies can be hell. Any new parent can attest to this. That’s why Janet Lansbury’s Unruffled takes on a new phone call from a frustrated parent each week and guides them through the solution to their child’s behaviour. If you’re at your wits end and need some helpful device, dive into the archives, you’ll likely find a parent having the exact same problem you’re currently experiencing.  Check it out here.