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Find That Pod # 101

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 101st edition of Find That Pod.

Last week I launched the official Patreon for the newsletter, and I wanted to thank everyone that’s already jumped on board. I’ll be in touch with each of you shortly!

If you haven’t done so, consider supporting the newsletter for as little as $3 / month, or if you’re feeling generous you can splurge and even get your podcast featured in the newsletter at a higher tier of support.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support. As always, here are this week’s podcast recommendations.


This podcast is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows to tune into when I want my brain to get a nice nerdy overload of geeky topics including tech, comics, movies, games and books. Hosted by three talented tech journalists, writers and luminaries, Rocket is a great show to get your regular dose of intelligent conversation about the above-mentioned topics.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Clubhouse Clones

Let’s Stop There

I will readily admit that there have been moments over the past year when a good dose of comedy from a podcast has been at least somewhat uplifting, or at the very least a good distraction from the toll that COVID lockdowns have taken. So anytime I come across a podcast that has made me laugh out loud, I feel compelled to share it. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard with a show for a while.

The premise is simple. The hosts of this podcast pick a book, literally any book, and try to read it an hour. They may skip a bit here and there, but where they skip the text of the book, they infuse their own commentary that is often both hilarious and maybe more creative than the original writing.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Short Circuit

Your Undivided Attention

By now you’ve probably heard of Tristan Harris. He was that guy scaring you about the dangers of social media in the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. Well now, he and his co-host, Aza Raskin have a podcast that explores potential solutions to how we move forward in a more humane and positive way with social media. On the show they speak with researchers, cultural and faith-based leaders, activists and other leaders.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Two Million Years in Two Hours: A Conversation with Yuval Noah Harari

I’m Not a Monster

An American family goes from Indiana to the Islamic State Group’s Caliphate (ISIS) and back to America. But what is the truth? Did they go voluntarily? Was the family taken there through the trickery of the husband? This 10-part series by journalist Josh Baker examines a fascinating story of radicalization and a complex web of lies and lasting consequences. An amazing listen.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.

DAT Poker Podcast

This is not a podcast for those new to the poker world. It’s meant for the more aspiring amateurs and professionals alike. If you have a love of this game, you probably already know the players behind it, including Adam Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu, Terrence Chan and Ross Henry. News, strategy, opinions and interviews from the poker world.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the latest episode.

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