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Find That Pod # 120

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 120th edition of Find That Pod.

Straight to business today… here are this week’s podcast recommendations…

Reading and Writing Podcast

If you’re a hardcore bookworm, or you’re fascinated with the process of writing, be it, novels or non-fiction, this podcast is right up your word-loving alley. Hosted by Jeff Rutherford, the Reading and Writing podcast features interviews with a huge variety of authors about their books, their writing habits, and the art of their craft.

With a massive backlog of nearly 450 episodes, this show will give all you budding writers great insights from some of the most prolific and talented authors in the English speaking world. So go on, throw on those headphones and dive into the world of audio literature and see how the proverbial book sausage is made.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Melissa de la Cruz interview – Episode 436

Science Rehashed

The premise of this podcast is pretty awesome. It’s a show dedicated to making science more accessible. And not in some highfalutin, non-specific way that doesn’t actually do the word “accessible” any justice. No, this podcast actually does the hard work. It’s a show dedicated to uncovering and highlighting incredible scientific advances and discoveries that far too often languish behind the non-accessible language of scientific journals and academic paywalls. Give it a listen, you’ll like it you science nerd you!

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: The shrinking scanner: MRI becomes portable

Crimes and Witch-Demeanors

Paranormal stuff. You either believe in it or you don’t… there’s not much in between. Or is there? I am often surprised by how a startling percentage of people can readily dismiss various paranormal / cryptozoological nonsense and then make an exception for….. GHOSTS… or Bigfoot, or some other thing. But how can we be sure none of it is real?

This interesting podcast usually starts with a ghost story and then moves on to examine historic and archival evidence of what truly happened. Have you had a first-hand encounter with a ghost, goblin or ghoul? Maybe you think you saw a UFO… maybe it’s time you should check out this podcast.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Winderbourne Mansion

The Daily Too

As far as I’m concerned, satire is one of the highest forms of comedy. And that’s probably why when I was made aware of this show, I immediately began to swoon.

Hosted by former Daily Show with Trevor Noah writer, and stand-up comedian, Alingon Mitra, this podcast is a clear satirical take on the New York Times podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro. Hilarious, clever, and spot on with its biting take on the stuff that the New York Times podcast covers, make for a great snack-sized dose of daily comedy.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the latest episode.

The History Chicks

Want to know a bit more about… oh you know, slightly more than half of the population on earth and how they’ve contributed to this little thing called history? Never fear, this podcast is here to do exactly that. Cleopatra? Check. Joan of Arc? Check. Katherine of Aragon? Check. Lady Jane Grey? Check. Abigail Adams? Check. Ada Lovelace? Check. Annie Oakley? Check…. well you get the picture. Super-awesome podcast for any history buff. Learn about all these important ladies you nimrods!

Website. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with Typhoid Mary Mallon