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Find That Pod # 121

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 121st edition of Find That Pod.

As always, welcome to our little podcast recommendation community friends old and new.

You ever get that feeling that maybe the world is NOT going to be ok? I’ve been getting that feeling a lot lately. It’s unsettling. But it’s hard to know what to do with that feeling. What action can come out of that collective dread that many of us feel? Something to ponder while you check out this week’s podcast recommendations:

On the Business of Sex

Like with many industries, COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the sex-work industry. Platforms like OnlyFans have made it easier for sex workers to earn a living, but that’s just the start of getting to know a fascinating industry in which more sex workers are using some of the same tactics and marketing techniques that successful entrepreneurs have been using in other industries for years.

The On the Business of Sex podcast features sex educator Reba Corrine Thomas who interviews industry leaders about their work, how they got started, and the broader impact on their lives and society at large. The show highlights the work and passion of the people who are discriminated against by banks, landlords, law-makers, investors and more… all industries that employ people who engage in sex-related services be it porn, therapy, or sex tech. This show is just getting started, but its already breaking barriers and frankly, makes for an incredibly interesting listen.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: The Impact of Sex Work

The Get Lost Podcast

As we hopefully begin to enter some the waning days and months of a global pandemic, many of us are deeply yearning to travel and explore. And while we all continue our plans to once again hop around the globe in search of new places and new adventures, we can feed that desire with this excellent podcast with tales of exploration from around the globe. If your soul is entwined with travel, don’t miss this show.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: South Africa

Fierce Girls

There’s no shortage of girls and women that inspire, innovate and lead. And as we’ve seen over the last week or so at the Tokyo 2020 olympics with Australian swimmers demolishing their competition, there’s no shortage of them in the so-called land down under. This show features the stories of Aussie females who just happen to be aviators, scientists, spies and have a penchant for guts and spirit. Listen to some of the inspiring tales of some of Australia’s most extraordinary women.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Celeste Barber – the girl whose photos took the world by storm

Exit Scam

Cryptocurrency. Payment form of the future or a long-con? While this awesome true-crime podcast doesn’t aim to answer that question, it does look at one of the largest cryptocurrency controversies to come out of my home country of Canada. The show examines the life and death of Gerald Cotton, founder of Canada’s largest bitcoin exchange at the time, Quadriga. In 2018, Cotton died under mysterious circumstances during a honeymoon trip to India and his customers were told that the $215 million they’d deposited in Quadriga was lost forever – because Gerry had forgotten to leave behind his passwords. Woooopsie!

But here’s the thing: Not everyone believes he’s dead. Exit Scam is about what really happened to Gerald Cotten and the fortune that disappeared with him.

Website | Listen on Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.

Everything Everywhere Daily

I love coming across shows like this. They’re a bit hard to classify and their constant barrage of interesting topics for my mind to absorb are like brain candy to me. Everything Everywhere is a short form daily podcast that tells the stories of interesting people, places and things from around thew world. Get your fill of fascinating info about the world in about 7-8 minutes every day and hey, you might learn a thing or two beyond your own neighbourhood.

Website. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with The 1972 World Chess Championship