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Find That Pod # 45

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 45th edition of Find That Pod.

Welcome new subscribers! Glad you’re all here and a part of our growing club of podcast aficionados. If you like the newsletter, do me a favour and tell your friends.

We decided to do something a bit different this week on twitterand offered 3 mentions to podcasts that are looking for a bit more exposure. So before we get to our regularly scheduled programming, here they are:

  1. Inspired Money by Andrew Yang
  2. Just Na Science Podcast
  3. Time For Your Hobby

Here are this week’s selection of fine podcasts you should definitely check out:

You’re Dead to Me

From the BBC comes a podcast that successfully merges some of the most interesting insights into various events in history with the power of comedy. Funny, insightful, and a great mix of historical topics are what you should expect. They’ve been inactive since the end of December, but the back-catalog is well worth diving into.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyPodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: The Spartans

Star Trek Discovery Pod on Picard

I don’t about all of you, but it’s possible that given my age, and the fact that I had a TV in my room as a youngin’, I may have actually developed my moral core as a result of watching endless episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, as many of you know, PICARD is back… in his very own show.

As a result, many new unofficial podcasts have sprung up around the show and this one I recently discovered is one of the best. If you’re watching the show and can’t get enough analysis and discussion about it, check out this podcast.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | PodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? That depends on where you are in the TV show.

Passenger List

One fiction type that I can definitely get into is the mystery-thriller genre. And that’s exactly what the Passenger List podcast is. Here’s the setup: Atlantic Flight 702 has disappeared mid-flight between London and New York. Now…one of the passenger’s twin sister is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to the flight.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | PodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.

Spectacular Failures

We all secretly revel just a tiny bit in hearing the failures of giant corporations. After all, a lot of them are kind of shitty and exploitative. So if you want to hear about the fantastic adventures of corporate crookedness, family business feuding, half-baked decisions that lead to bankruptcy, you’ll likely enjoy this podcast. Some stories are funny, some are tragic and some will leave you scratching your head about how big business can be so spectacularly stupid sometimes. In any case, it should give you an interesting view on how big business failures occur.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyPodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Try this episode: Kodak Misses Its Moment

Works For Me

What I like most about this podcast is that it’s an actual journey in trying new things. Hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield trade-off the role of trying to solve a work-related problem using the advice of so-called productivity experts. Each episode is an experiment in whether certain “productivity-hacks” actually solve problems and improve productivity or if that advice is simply nonsense. Follow along with their insights, missteps, and attempts at a more productive work-life.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyPodChaser | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.