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Find That Pod # 52

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 52nd edition of Find That Pod.

Welcome new subscribers! Glad you’re with us in these trying times.

I can’t say that I imagined I’d be celebrating the 1 YEAR anniversary of this newsletter under such circumstances, yet here we are.

In that spirit, I want to thank every single one of you for being a subscriber and for all those podcast producers who have submitted their shows over the last year. My listening queue has grown into well over a thousand podcasts, so as you can imagine, I’m trying to work my way through them.

Here are this week’s podcasts. As always, stay strong, stay safe and stay home if you can.

After the Fact

Although they have gone on pause as a result of the global pandemic we’re experiencing, this podcast from the Pew Charitable Trusts brings you data and analysis on a variety of modern-day issues. With interviews from a wide variety of experts, you can expect topics such as the loss of local news, science, the future of learning, the American economy and many more. A truly thoughtful and educational podcast.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyPodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: The Future of Learning: The Evolving Classroom

Tesla Daily

Now as one of America’s largest car manufacturer’s it appears that Tesla is playing a role in helping source and build ventilators for the growing need in the country. That said, this long-running podcast, while not quite daily, does provide regular updates on the company that is ushering in the electric car revolution. News on Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, and Tesla Solar are discussed in a concise and informative manner.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | PodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with the latest episode.

Clear and Present Danger – A History of Free Speech

I have a particular set of views about the concept of Free Speech, but I won’t get into that here. What I will say, however, is that for anyone interested in this concept, you should definitely not miss this podcast. It offers a master class on both the modern and ancient history of why kings, emperors, and governments have killed and imprisoned people to shut them up. And also why people have risked death and imprisonment to express their beliefs. This has justly earned a permanent spot on my podcast subscription list.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | PodchaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Episode 3: The Age of Persecutionc

Second Life

Entrepreneur, writer, and journalist Hillary Kerr interviews some of the most successful women in America in this fantastic podcast that highlights successful women who have made major career changes and managed to have a “second life” career.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyPodChaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Kristen Bell: Actor and Co-Founder of Hello Bello and This Saves Lives

80 Days

With an obvious nod to Jules Verne’s famous 1873 adventure novel as its podcast title, this show is, as it states an “Exploration” podcast. And perhaps it may be a strange time to be featuring a podcast about travel since a good portion of the globe is on lockdown, there will be a time when tourism and exploring the world without having to worry about a global pandemic will return. Each episode sets out to explore a new, lesser-known locale and spends time discussing the history, geography, culture, sport, religion and pastimes of that location.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | PodchaserOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: Seychelles