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Find That Pod # 92

Five Great New Podcasts

Welcome to the 92nd edition of Find That Pod.

Welp. What is there to say. Other than you could see this coming from a fucking million miles away. This is the culmination of not only Trumpism, but also decades of propaganda and villification of the other side. A QAnon lunatic with a Viking hat made it to the heart of the American government. Think about that for a moment.

Do you remember when these two movies came out?

At the time, I thought they were insanely unrealistic. I mean, how could the seat of American power get overrun so easily? Turns out, I was the dummy, and whoever produced these films was the goddamn prophetic genius.

Now imagine if an organized foreign hostile power attacked Washington, D.C. The government would fall in like an hour.

“May you live in interesting times”. I think I’m ready for a little less interesting. Give me goddamn boring for like a year or two. I need a break.

With all that in mind, here are this week’s podcast recommendations:

The Fifth Column

Want to start consuming some news and political analysis that is outside of the mainstream (god I hate that word)? Then maybe give this podcast a listen. You might not always like what you hear, but maybe in some small way you’ll learn a thing or two. The topics are relatively broad, but always topical and interesting. Underlying the commentary is always one question. Reform the system or burn it all down to the ground?

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the latest episode.

Factually! with Adam Conover

Expanding on their ever-growing line-up of comedy podcasts, Earwolf has brought comedian Adam Conover to talk to various experts in almost any field you can think of. This witty podcast is now 89 episodes strong and definitely has a back-catalog worth digging into.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: The History of Civilization (the Game) with Sid Meier

Dwarven Moss

These days, playing D&D is almost considered cool. Even by the cool kids. But back in my day, being a young D&D player meant that you were tossed in with the nerdiest of nerds. As a result you’d often have to hide your love for the game. But now, the game is finding entire new generations of players, thanks in part to spectacular listen-along podcasts like this. It’s more like an awesome radio play of friends enjoying and improvising a game of D&D as they take their characters on various adventures. If you’re a D&D player, this podcast is not to be missed.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | SpotifyGoogle Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.

The Underworld Podcast

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve probably been in some way, at least indirectly been affected by organized crime. Such is the reach of transnational criminal networks that pervade our modern society. Two journalists, Danny Gold and Sean Williams bring their absolutely amazing reporting to explore the world of mobsters, warlords, and crooks. This is definitely an early candidate for one of my favourite shows of this year.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google PodcastsOvercast | Not sure where to start? Start with this episode: On the Hunt for Burma’s Billion Dollar Meth Labs

American Rehab

Prepare yourself for a wild story in this limited run podcast. In the 1960’s a man in California convinced a WHOLE lot of other people that he had discovered the cure for heroin addiction. The story that flows from this is both mind-blowing, and infuriating. Give it a listen.

Website | Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Overcast | Not sure where to start? Start with the first episode.

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