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Maintenance Phase Podcast Review

By October 25, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Maintenance Phase


Maintenance Phase is a popular podcast hosted by Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon. The podcast is dedicated to discussing various topics related to wellness, fitness, diets, and body positivity. Michael and Aubrey share their opinions, research, and personal experiences on each topic, providing listeners with decidedly opinionated views and entertaining content. 

The podcast makes no bones about calling out problematic trends in the wellness industry and debunking myths perpetuated by fad diets. Instead, they focus on science-based research and personal experiences to provide listeners with a more realistic and healthier approach to wellness. And in today’s modern culture, there’s no shortage of wellness fads to debunk. 

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the history of diets to the science of intuitive eating. The hosts also interview experts in the field, such as doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists, to provide listeners with a more in-depth understanding of the topics discussed. The interviews are informative and engaging, adding a unique perspective to each episode. 

Here’s a sampling of some of the topics the show has previously covered:

  • Dr. Oz
  • Eating disorders
  • The Keto diet
  • The Body Mass Index
  • The obesity epidemic
  • Rachel Hollis
  • Fat camps
  • Calorie menu labeling
  • Workplace wellness
  • The 10,000 steps myth
  • The Anti-Vaxx movement
  • Ozempic

But don’t expect this show to feel like a lecture. Quite the opposite, actually, as the show features plenty of host humor and chemistry. Michael and Aubrey have a great rapport and are not afraid to joke around, making the content more palatable. Their personalities shine through in each episode, making it feel like you are listening to friends chat about wellness rather than a formal podcast. 

Maintenance Phase is also incredibly inclusive, focusing on body positivity and rejecting harmful diet culture. The hosts emphasize the importance of accepting and loving your body, no matter its size or shape. This positivity makes the podcast a safe space for listeners who may struggle with body image issues.

Maintenance Phase was featured in edition #107 of the Find That Pod newsletter.

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