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My Favorite Murder Podcast Review

By May 23, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
My Favorite Murder Podcast Review


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Unmasking the Obsession

With its unique blend of true crime narration and humor, “My Favorite Murder” has rapidly ascended the ranks to become one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Despite this, its allure is not universal, and its approach to the sensitive topic of murder is often a point of contention. In this exploration, we delve into the underbelly of this phenomenon, its allure, and the reasons why it may not sit well with all audiences.

My Favourite Murder features a couple of witty, quirky ladies, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who decide to dive headfirst into the somber world of true crime, and what do they bring along? A basket of chuckles, that’s what! This is the magical universe of “My Favorite Murder,” a true crime-comedy podcast that’s been setting the internet on fire since its debut in 2016. It’s like a weekly rendezvous with millions of buddies around the globe, as they tune in, ears perked, hearts pounding, to get their fill of mystery and mirth.

The Secret Ingredient

What’s the secret ingredient in this sizzling success recipe, you ask? Well, it’s the rich, gooey layer of emotional connection sandwiched between two crunchy slices of wit and humor. Kilgariff and Hardstark aren’t just your regular podcast hosts – they’re like those two besties you can’t help but invite to every party because they know how to keep things real and ridiculously fun.

The genius of “My Favorite Murder” is that it doesn’t bill itself as a tear-jerking sympathy saga. It’s more like, “Hey, we’re going to talk about some gruesome stuff, but we’ll also make sure you spit out your coffee laughing!” Karen and Georgia defend their right to approach some of life’s darkest corners armed with a shield of humor. And that’s their way of dealing with the heebie-jeebies – a quirky coping mechanism many listeners find as relatable as sweatpants on a Sunday.

But let’s not forget the iconic catchphrases that have sparked a cultural wildfire. “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered” and “Fuck politeness” have escaped the confines of the podcast and are now parading around on everything from t-shirts and posters to jewelry and, get this, cross-stitch patterns! It’s like these words have come to life, serving as a cozy blanket of comfort and a bold reminder of the power of humor in the face of adversity.

The Community: Murderinos

The fanbase of “My Favorite Murder,” affectionately known as ‘Murderinos,’ are a community with a shared interest in true crime. Their passion extends beyond the podcast, creating a community that thrives on shared experiences and unique perspectives. However, this community might seem isolating for those who do not share the same fascination with the macabre.


So, what makes “My Favorite Murder” a cultural phenomenon, a one-of-a-kind cosmic explosion in the true crime-comedy podcast galaxy? It’s the artful blend of dark humor and radical empathy, the perfect cocktail of chuckles and chills that resonates with listeners. If you’re a true crime junkie with a knack for cackling at the macabre, “My Favorite Murder” is like a perfectly aged wine just waiting to be uncorked. So go ahead, give it a swirl, and let the intoxicating mix of mirth and mystery take over!

Should you Listen to My Favorite Murder?

Yes, but only if you don’t mind listening to gruesome murder stories with a dose of comedy.

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Critic Review

Creightonian – Jordan Burgmeier – Sep 10, 2020

If you are looking for a highly informative and detailed true-crime podcast, “My Favorite Murder” is not for you. Kilgariff and Hardstark keep a lively conversation throughout the podcast and, as many of us do, cope with the horrible events they are discussing using humor.

Critic Review

Podcast Review – Claudia McCarron – Dec 23, 2019

These examples show that I’m not the only person who’s found something deeply moving, and even comforting, in My Favorite Murder’s irreverent approach to crime. In fact, their potentially alienating black humor establishes a fertile ground for the radical empathy I became fascinated with as I obsessively listened to episode after episode.

Critic Review

The Everygirl – Sep 3, 2019

I’ve also felt less compelled to listen to many of the topics they choose to cover — not because they’re bad choices, but because they aren’t what I personally prefer to listen to. Their hometown minisodes have been very hit or miss to me, and they consist of many of their episodes. Also, as nit-picky as this is, their episode titles next to the other true-crime podcast titles that are next to each other in my library always look much less appealing.