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Planetary Radio Podcast Review

By June 12, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Planetary Podcast Review


Recommended in Edition # 156 of the Find That Pod newsletter.

Planetary Radio is an awe-inspiring podcast produced by The Planetary Society that offers a fascinating journey through the cosmos. It features expert knowledge and an enthusiastic presentation that delves deep into the mysteries of the universe, giving its listeners a front-row seat to the latest in space exploration and science. 

The Hosts

And while the original host, Mat Kaplan, retired from the show in October 2022 after an incredible 20-year run, new host Sarah Al-Ahmed has taken over the podcast. Sarah’s passion for space was ignited at the age of six when her teacher shared a news article about the discovery of an exoplanet. With an educational background in astronomy and astrophysics, Sarah has become a skilled science communicator in the field and the current host of this terrific podcast. 

Whether it’s old host Mat Kaplan or new host Sarah Al-Ahmed helming an episode, their passion for astronomy and space exploration is infectious, making the podcast an enjoyable and informative experience. The show’s interviews are a standout feature of the podcast. Each host poses insightful and thought-provoking questions that spark engaging conversations with a diverse range of guests. 

The Guests

These guests include leading scientists, engineers, space advocates, and even astronauts, providing a variety of perspectives on the ever-evolving field of space science. Kaplan has a talent for explaining complex scientific concepts in a way understandable to both the layman and the scientist. 

The Production Quality

The audio production quality is exceptional, ensuring a seamless listening experience. The sound design, which includes space-themed music and sound effects, adds to the mood of the podcast and creates a unique atmosphere. It’s almost as if the listener is taking a sonic journey through space. 

Why You Should Listen

One of the unique aspects of Planetary Radio is its emphasis on the role of humans in space exploration. The podcast does an excellent job of highlighting the scientific and technological feats of space exploration and the human stories behind them. Through its in-depth interviews and discussions, the podcast gives a voice to the people pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and capabilities in space. 

There’s a good reason why I recently included this podcast on our list of the best space podcasts to listen to.

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