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Podcasts Like

Podcasts Like Armchair Expert

By August 2, 2023May 1st, 2024No Comments
Armchair Expert Podcast

Here are some podcasts that are like Armchair Expert. If you’re a fan of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert and are looking for similar podcasts, you’ve come to the right place.



Listen to Smartless

“SmartLess” is a comedic and enlightening podcast hosted by Hollywood veterans and actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. Each episode follows a format where one of the hosts surprises the other two with a mystery guest from various professions, but primarily other celebrities, ranging from entertainment to sports and beyond. As the trio chats with their guest, listeners are treated to spontaneous conversations that oscillate between hilarious, ribbing, and absurd to deeply informative. The longstanding friendship and on-air dynamic between Bateman, Hayes, and Arnett and their genuine curiosity about their guests’ experiences ensure that every episode is not only entertaining but also offers fresh insights and perspectives.

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Listen to Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Sibling Revelry is a candid and engaging show hosted by siblings Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson. Exploring the intricacies of sibling relationships, family dynamics, and individual identities, the Hudsons delve into personal stories and invite various guests, often other celebrity siblings, to share their own experiences. Through lighthearted banter, deep reflections, and genuine conversations, the show offers listeners a blend of humour, relatability, and insight into the bonds that both challenge and enrich family life.

Inside of You

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Listen to Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

“Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum” is a deeply personal and introspective podcast hosted by actor Michael Rosenbaum, best known for his role as Lex Luthor on “Smallville.” Throughout the episodes, Rosenbaum engages in candid and revealing conversations with celebrities, athletes, and other notable figures to uncover the real person behind the public persona.

Guests often share vulnerable aspects of their lives, from mental health struggles to personal triumphs, offering listeners a rare and intimate glimpse into the challenges and joys of life in the limelight. Through authentic dialogue, Rosenbaum fosters an environment of understanding and empathy, making “Inside of You” a unique and touching exploration of the human experience.

WTF With Marc Maron

WTF With Marc Maron

Listen to WTF with Marc Maron

As one of the longer-running podcasts on this list, “WTF with Marc Maron” is an influential and introspective podcast hosted by comedian and actor Marc Maron. Recorded in his home garage, Maron conducts in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests, primarily from the realms of comedy, acting, and music. Known for his raw, candid style, Maron often delves into personal and profound topics, encouraging his guests to share stories of their struggles, triumphs, and the realities of their industries.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Listen to Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Hosted by, you guessed it, renowned late-night TV host Conan O’Brien, the “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” podcast is a comedic show that highlights his signature wit and self-deprecating humour. Conan and co-hosts Sona Movsesian and Matt Gourley sit down with a mix of celebrities, comedians, musicians, and other notable figures, venturing beyond traditional talk show format constraints. Each conversation is infused with spontaneity, laughter, and genuine connection as they discuss careers, life stories, and the quirks of fame. The title playfully nods to Conan’s ongoing joke about seeking true friendship. Through these intimate chats, listeners are treated to a deeper and often hilarious look into the lives of Conan and his guests.

Life is Short with Justin Long

Life is Short With Justin Long

Listen to Life is Short with Justin Long

“Life is Short with Justin Long” is an engaging podcast where actor Justin Long delves into the lives, careers, and personal philosophies of various guests, including celebrities, filmmakers, musicians, and other intriguing personalities. With a blend of humour, curiosity, and a genuine interest in the human experience, Justin seeks to uncover what makes people tick, what drives their passions, and how they perceive life’s big questions. Each episode offers listeners a mix of lighthearted banter and deeper introspection, all underscored by Justin’s warm and relatable approach, making it a delightful exploration of the intricacies of life and the narratives we tell ourselves.

The Kevin Rose Show

The Kevin Rose Show

Listen to the Kevin Rose Show

“The Kevin Rose Show” is a thought-provoking podcast hosted by entrepreneur and technologist Kevin Rose, best known for his work on startups like Digg and Revision3. The show delves deep into a diverse range of topics, from technology and science to health and personal development. Kevin engages with a roster of accomplished guests, including scientists, CEOs, and thought leaders, in comprehensive discussions that aim to unearth novel ideas, breakthroughs, and actionable insights. With its balanced blend of intellectual curiosity and practical takeaways, the podcast offers listeners a unique opportunity to expand their horizons and explore the frontiers of contemporary thought.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Listen to Anna Faris is Unqualified

Offbeat and endearing are the words that most come to mind when talking about the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast. Hosted by actress Anna Faris, this long-running show blends humour with genuine connection. Each episode features Anna and a celebrity guest engaging in frank conversations, often touching on personal experiences, Hollywood stories, and life’s idiosyncrasies. Adding a fun twist to the traditional celebrity interview format, this podcast also includes segments where Anna and her guest offer unprofessional relationship advice to callers, leading to hilarious and heartwarming moments.

Table Manners with Jessie & Lennie Ware

Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

Listen to Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

“Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware” is a delightful podcast that combines the warmth of a family meal with the allure of celebrity interviews. Hosted by singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and her charming mother, Lennie, the podcast invites guests, from musicians and actors to chefs and other notable figures, to share a home-cooked meal at the Ware family table. The duo’s chemistry and the intimate setting create a unique blend of casual banter and moving moments, making each episode feel like a cozy dinner party with close friends.

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

Listen to You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

“You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes” is a refreshingly candid podcast where the eponymous comedian dives deep into conversations with comedians, actors, writers, and other prominent personalities. Known for its unique blend of wit and introspection, the show often touches on matters of spirituality, relationships, and personal growth, all wrapped in Pete’s signature comedic style. Episodes frequently veer into the unexpected and profound, with Holmes encouraging guests to share their lives “weird” and vulnerable aspects. The result is a podcast that oscillates between hilarious anecdotes and meaningful insights, offering listeners a deeper look into the minds of their favourite personalities.

The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show

Listen to The Tim Ferris Show

With an incredible 680+ episodes, “The Tim Ferriss Show” is an insightful podcast hosted by best-selling author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, renowned for his book “The 4-Hour Workweek.” In each episode, Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers from diverse fields—ranging from tech entrepreneurs to athletes, authors, and beyond—to unearth the strategies, tools, and routines listeners can use in their own lives. With a knack for drawing out actionable insights, Ferriss delves deep into his guests’ habits, philosophies, and techniques, making the podcast a treasure trove for those seeking optimization in personal and professional realms.

Off Camera with Sam Jones

Off Camera with Sam Jones

Listen to Off Camera with Sam Jones

“Off Camera with Sam Jones” is an intimate and introspective podcast hosted by acclaimed photographer and director Sam Jones. The show offers a unique window into the lives of some of the entertainment industry’s most iconic and influential figures, ranging from actors and musicians to directors and comedians. Through in-depth and candid conversations, Jones delves into his guests’ creative processes, personal struggles, and career-defining moments, fostering an environment of authenticity rarely seen in traditional celebrity interviews. With its black-and-white aesthetic and emphasis on genuine connection, “Off Camera” stands out as a testament to the power of storytelling in its rawest form.