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Podcasts Like Lore

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Lore Podcast Review

In today’s golden age of podcasting, listeners are constantly seeking captivating tales that intertwine historical anecdotes with spine-tingling legends. Among the giants in this genre is the “Lore” podcast, renowned for its deeply immersive storytelling that unearths dark corners of history and folklore. 

If you’re a fervent fan of “Lore” and are yearning for more audio adventures that strike a harmonious chord between fact and fable, you’re in for a treat. This article will introduce you to a carefully curated list of podcasts that echo the haunting charm and meticulous research that has become synonymous with “Lore.” Dive into these recommendations and prepare to traverse time, mystery, and the inexplicable.

Dark Histories

Listen to Dark Histories

Every fortnight, this podcast explores unresolved enigmas, inexplicable incidents, factual criminal cases, supernatural encounters, and distinctive societal peculiarities. These chronicles never fail to captivate my attention and leave me in suspense.

Astonishing Legends

Listen to Astonishing Legends

Have you ever pondered the enigmas of the world that often go unnoticed? Occasionally, we come across the mystical realm without realizing it, and we quickly revert to our mundane daily routines. However, what if we did not disregard the unknown and instead opted to investigate and seek guidance from those who possess knowledge? Co-hosts Scott & Forrest, accompanied by their producer Tess Pfeifle, do precisely that on Astonishing Legends.


Listen to Unexplained

If you enjoy enigmatic and eerie tales that challenge rationalization, Unexplained might catch your attention. This podcast, released twice a week, adopts a narrative style, blending spoken-word storytelling, pertinent background information, and mind-bending concepts to create a chilling effect. The program delves into the hazy boundary between our perception of reality and what may exist beyond our comprehension, occasionally merging the distinction between conviction and actuality itself.

Strange Matters Podcast

Listen to Strange Matters Podcast

Discussing the Bizarre, Mysterious, & Unexplained


Listen to Historium

Historium offers a refreshing take on history that goes beyond boring lectures filled with dates and numbers. If you’ve ever found yourself nodding off during a history lesson, you’re not alone. But with Historium, you can discover the hidden narratives of the past that are worth knowing. Jake Barton seamlessly weaves together history and storytelling, inviting you to delve into captivating historical accounts that you may have never encountered before.

Myths and Legends

Listen to Myths and Legends

If you have an interest in myths, legends, and folklore, then you will undoubtedly enjoy the intriguing stories retold by Jason Weiser and Carissa Weiser. The duo delves into various tales that have influenced cultures throughout history, including familiar characters such as Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules, as well as lesser-known yet equally captivating stories. These tales are sourced from a range of world folklore but are presented in a way that is easily comprehensible to modern audiences.

Horrifying History

Horrifying History

Listen to Horrifying History

Welcome to Horrifying History! This podcast explores some of the most enigmatic, spine-chilling, and inexplicable events that have shaped our collective past.



Listen to Unobscured

Unobscured is a thought-provoking series that explores some of the most mysterious and puzzling events in history. Each season reveals the truth behind these events, dispelling misconceptions and shedding light on the facts. The first season centers on the Salem witch trials, the second on the Spiritualist Movement, the third on Jack the Ripper, and the fourth on Grigori Rasputin.

Grim & Mild Presents

Grim & Mild Presents

Listen to Grim & Mild Presents

I’ve been closely following a captivating series that delves into some of history’s most peculiar and eerie subjects. The show comprises 13 episodes every season, each taking a unique approach to exploring a new theme. The host and producer, Aaron Mahnke, does an absolutely fantastic job. The first season, titled “Sideshow,” investigates the fascinating backstory of the travelling sideshow, which has long been considered one of the most bizarre institutions in America.



Listen to Tales

Some classic fairy tales contain disturbing content that may not be suitable for young children, such as instances of murder, women vomiting spiders, and children being devoured. Nonetheless, the show regularly examines the sinister origins of these cherished tales and delves into their twisted plot twists.



Listen to Fictional

Get ready to experience a fusion of classic and modern literature every other week! The team known for the Myths and Legends podcast, presents a new show set in the timeless world of literature. Explore the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers, and other literary masterpieces by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, infused with a fresh and relaxed atmosphere.

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives

Listen to The Magnus Archives

If you’re a horror fiction enthusiast, you may find it worth facing your fears and expressing your thoughts. In this regard, the Magnus Institute’s weekly podcast could be an interesting option. The show explores the archives of this inexplicable organization, which is dedicated to investigating the bizarre and extraordinary. Throughout the episodes, host Jonathan Sims reveals the secrets concealed within these documents, taking listeners along for the ride.

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