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Podcasts Like Ologies

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Ologies Podcast Best Episodes

If you enjoy the intriguing blend of humour and education the Ologies podcast offers, other podcasts provide similar experiences. These shows burrow into various scientific and intellectual topics with a touch of wit, sparking curiosity and laughter in their listeners.

The Life Scientific

The Life Scientific

Listen to The Life Scientific

Hosted by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, “The Life Scientific” podcast provides a distinctive look into the lives and contributions of prominent scientists. Through each episode, the show examines the inspirations and driving forces behind scientific pioneers, gains insight into their significant discoveries, and examines the potential implications of their work on our future.

Specimens Podcast


Listen to Specimens

Our planet needs urgent care and attention in these challenging times, especially regarding our climate. If your passions lie in science and conservation, and you’re eager to explore innovative strategies to safeguard our Earth, this podcast is the place for you. The show engages in enlightening dialogues with guests from various scientific fields, some with job titles that might require a bit of decoding. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into worlds as diverse as entomology, taxidermy, diaphonization, pet preservation, human pathology, and the intriguing realm of specimen work. In some ways sounds a bit like the Ologies podcast, doesn’t it?

Science VS Podcast

Science Vs

Listen to Science Vs

The “Science Vs” podcast, under the stewardship of Wendy Zukerman, serves as a scientific investigation into controversial topics and current events. The show embraces a debunking methodology, using rigorous fact-checking and thorough exploration of scientific studies while also featuring enlightening conversations with relevant experts.

Science Friday Podcast

Science Friday

Listen to Science Friday

Easily one of the best science podcasts available anywhere, Science Friday explores a considerable range of science topics, from the expanse of space to unravelling the mysteries of microscopic organisms within us. Anchored by the dynamic host, Ira Flatow, the show welcomes experts who are well-versed in their fields alongside enthusiastic individuals eager to learn. Engaging with an interactive audience, Science Friday often showcases captivating science inquiries from its listeners. 

The Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists

Listen to the Naked Scientists

Every episode of the Naked Scientists podcast presents a summary of current science news, answers to questions from the audience delivered in real-time, and dialogues with guest scientists. These scientists are invited to the studio to share insights about their research and engage with listeners by answering their questions live. Furthermore, the show incorporates reports and interviews conducted on-site and a spontaneous, interactive segment named Kitchen Science. During this segment, listeners are motivated to carry out a scientific experiment in their own homes while tuning in to the show.

The Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Listen to The Infinite Monkey Cage

“The Infinite Monkey Cage,” a blend of comedy and popular science, is a podcast and show that airs on BBC Radio 4. Steered by the dynamic duo of physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, who deliver a humorous yet insightful exploration of the world through the lens of science. The podcast adaptation of the series offers listeners an extended experience of most episodes.

Crime Junkie Podcast

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Listen to Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Beneath the surface of your consciousness, there’s always been a niggling suspicion that reality is somewhat peculiar. And indeed, it is. Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick invite you to delve into thought-provoking brain puzzles, the enigmas of the cosmos, the wonders of evolution, and the fascinating prospects of our transhuman future.

This Podcast Will Kill You

This Podcast Will Kill You

Listen to This Podcast Will Kill You

This podcast may not do you in, but it sure does chat about many things that could! Each thrilling episode takes on a unique disease, dishing the dirt on its past, peeking into its biology, and rating how much it should make you quake in your boots. Fear not, because the dynamic duo of ecologists and epidemiologists, Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke, serve up a feast of infectious disease chatter that’ll make you the life of any dinner party. And the cherry on top? They’ll shake and stir the perfect cocktail recipe to pair with each episode. Cheers to that!

Nature Podcast

Nature Podcast

Listen to the Nature Podcast

Every week, the Nature Podcast takes you on a captivating journey across the science spectrum, featuring everything from astronomy to zoology. The show pulls back the curtain on the most exhilarating studies published in the renowned Nature journal. Engage with the brilliant minds responsible for these discoveries, and gain a deeper understanding through comprehensive commentary from Nature’s dedicated journalists and editors. Definitely a great complimentary podcast to Ologies.