Sebastian Arciszewski

About Sebastian

I’m what, in Internet terms, you would call a bit of a dinosaur. As a young Gen X’er, I found my love of podcasts through my love of technology. Like many things in the tech world, I was early to podcasts. My first iPod was the third generation with a whopping 10 GB of storage. But it wasn’t until 2005, when I heard my first podcast (This Week in Tech), that it felt like a world of audio knowledge, entertainment, and fun had been opened up to me.

When Apple introduced support for podcasts in iTunes in the summer of 2005, it felt like podcasting was the next great iteration of what the Internet could offer to billions of people. In my mind, podcasts became the people’s radio.

A couple of years later, I remember laying in bed with my girlfriend and going on a rant about how all this incredible knowledge was locked away in these thousands of podcasts. And here we are, nearly two decades later, and I still mostly feel the same way.

I’ve been a heavy podcast listener ever since I started listening to them in 2005. Since I started this podcast recommendation newsletter in 2019, I’ve recommended nearly 1,200 podcasts and listened to over 10,000 different podcasts in my quest to find and share the best podcasts in the world with my audience. But the job is not done. Podcast discovery is still a major problem. The listening landscape is heavily splintered amongst a dozen or so applications and ecosystems. The individual recommendation algorithms on each platform are pretty terrible, and above all, there is still no good podcast knowledge search engine.

So, that’s my mission. To bring you the best podcasts worth your time and to help you discover the uncatalogued wealth of information and entertainment within the walls of recorded audio in the form of podcasts.

If you’re interested in following my exploits, give me a follow on Twitter/X. In my day job, I run a marketing agency in Ottawa, Canada.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do that here.