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The Best Episodes of Ologies

By May 29, 2023December 14th, 2023No Comments
Ologies Podcast Best Episodes

Science nerds of the world unite! Each week, charismatic host Alie Ward invites a different brainiac from fields you’ve probably never heard of (like somnology, bryology, or even philematology) to spill the beans about their expertise. And guess what? It’s a huge hit! “Ologies” is regularly strutting its stuff in the top three science podcasts on Apple Podcasts, proving it’s not just educational but incredibly entertaining too. 

Here are the best episodes of the Ologies podcast

Dendrology (Trees) with Casey Clapp

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Have you ever pondered whether trees experience emotions? Or how they communicate? Curious about their lifespan or if their life stories could tug at your heartstrings? Meet Casey Clapp, who could easily be the world’s most passionate tree enthusiast. In this two-part Ologies podcast, you’ll discover the fascinating world of root communication and ‘crown shyness.’ amidst countless other topics about trees. Delve into topics like social media introversion and the positive impact of being around trees on mental health.

Myrmecology (Ants) with Dr. Terry McGlynn

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Ants. They’re in your home. Thankfully, They’re not in my home; but they’re kind of everywhere. But do we really understand these tiny critters? Brace yourself for revelations about queen ants with cult-like followings, the excruciating sting of the bullet ant, handy tips for managing pesky kitchen invaders, and the complexities of a megacolony teeming with billions of sister ants. 

Dr. Terry McGlynn is the guide on this episode of the Ologies podcast, offering a deep dive into the microscopic world of these industrious insects. Expect to learn about ants’ diversity in tropical and urban environments, their incredible water-walking abilities, their dietary preferences, the incredible sounds they produce, and the debunking of ant-related movie myths. There are some practical nuggets of advice too. Plus, you’ll learn about the unique ant ritual of smelling their kin before making a life-or-death decision. Easily one of the best ologies podcasts out there. 

Fearology (Fear) with Mary Poffenroth

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Every day, your brain is on a mission to keep you safe, often by inducing fear. Enter Mary Poffenroth, a specialist in understanding fear’s biological and sociological impacts, who Alie managed to track down for a captivating conversation. As a bona fide fearologist (yes, that’s a real term), she discusses how constant fear could be detrimental to your health, the distinctions between stress and fear, and strategies for improved relationships with your colleagues, friends, or significant other. Plus, she offers tips on communicating with your brain when it sounds unnecessary alarm bells. So while we appreciate the sentiment, brain, maybe you could chill out a bit?

Corvid Thanatology (Crow Funerals) with Kaeli Swift

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We all know that crows are one of the more intelligent animals on the planet. But after listening to this podcast episode of Ologies, I was utterly blown away by just how intelligent crows genuinely are. I mean, they hold funerals for their dead! 

Dr. Kaeli Swift, a seasoned wildlife researcher and an expert on corvids, unravelS the mysteries of these ebony-feathered, big-brained birds and their intriguing behaviours around their deceased comrades. She’s witnessed crow death rituals that send shivers down your spine and stir emotions you’d never expect over something as mundane as peanuts.

Fire Ecology (Wildfires) with Gavin Jones

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As numerous people across the globe grapple with a similar fiery predicament (wildfires intensified by climate change), it seems like the perfect moment to revisit a conversation with Fire Ecologist, Dr. Gavin Jones. This episode features a discussion that revolves around the nature of fire, its searing temperatures, trends in fire incidents, forest fire myths, and even touches on fire-tolerant wombats and Angelina Jolie movies. 

But there’s more, learn about the ingenious strategies of pine cones, the resilience of thick bark, and the principles of Indigenous fire management, among other scorching topics. Sure, this episode might fan the flames of your emotions, but it could also spark new thoughts and optimism. 

Egyptology (Ancient Egypt) with Kara Cooney

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In this episode, host Alie Ward takes listeners on an engaging journey back to ancient Egypt: think pyramids, rulers, dynasties, felines, mummified bodies, and even curses. Podcast guest Dr. Kara Cooney illuminates the history of female pharaohs and draws fascinating parallels to contemporary Western politics. She shares her unique experience of conversing with a mummy, and yes, there’s also a bit about misplaced phalluses and see-through toilets. Trust me when I tell you that a lot of what you learned about ancient Egypt was simply not true. 

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